Who Can Benefit from SOI Assessment and Training?

The answer to this question is simple...everyone. This program is not only for students who are struggling in school. SOI is a system that is used both to assess and develop intellectual abilities and performance. Everyone has intelligence. SOI identifies what kind you have, not just how much. 


Gifted Children

To ensure that gifted students meet their full potential, they need to be acknowledged for their giftedness, assisted with any learning issues, and given an opportunity to express themselves in ways that are meaningful to them.

Many gifted screening assessments do not identify near gifted students and fail to provide insight to parents on the actual strengths of their children. 

The SOI approach provides an opportunity to enhance the gifted abilities in children and to develop other abilities that are not yet at the gifted level.

Mind Discovery believes in the importance of helping gifted and near gifted students understand the areas where they excel, where they do not and how to strengthen those abilities. 

Mind Discovery offers an SOI assessment of giftedness that goes beyond traditional approaches, and includes creativity.

Mind Discovery can identify any abilities that need further development.

Mind Discovery can show how the near-gifted can become gifted with SOI training.



















Children with Learning disabilities, ADD, & Dyslexia

When your child is struggling to learn or retain information, parents are often left feeling helpless and lost as to the actual cause of the problem. This makes the struggle even more difficult. 

The ultimate goal at Mind Discovery is to bring to light the amazing gifts of every child, to tap into their true potential, and help them shine.

Through the SOI assessment, parents and students are shown their strengths. They are given reasons as to why certain tasks are difficult for them. This process is eye-opening and life changing.

Mind Discovery builds self-worth by teaching through a child's strengths.

Mind Discovery provides options other than medication.

Mind Discovery offers SOLUTIONS for all children!