Success Stories

Meet the children we serve at Mind Discovery Center. Read their stories and learn what makes our program unique. 


Meet ryan

"My son Ryan was struggling in school. He was having a hard time staying focused and on task. He wasn't getting his classwork done. The activities were not too hard for him. It was his ability to work without getting distracted. When we first meet with the educators at Star Island, we knew we were in the right place. They assessed Ryan on many different measures and we able to share insights with us about our son. They had an individualized plan for how they were going to work with him. We started to see results right away at home and soon his teacher was asking us what had changed. The answer was simple....Star Island Learning Center."

Meet Emma

"Things are really going well. I'm pleased with the changes that I've seen in my daughter. At the beginning of her third grade year, Emma lacked self-control, there were many discipline problems. She had little ability to concentrate and stay on task which was impacting her ability to learn. I was desperate for a solution and that's when I found Star Island. Now she is thriving! She is able to sit still, her grades have improved and our discipline problems have decreased dramatically. Thank you, Star Island, for turning our daughter into a star. It means more to me and my family than you could possibly imagine."