Assessment Overview

The goal of our assessment is to identify the root cause of your child's academic struggles. Determining the root cause of your child's learning struggles can be life changing for you and your child. A parents' goal is to minimize the struggles their child faces and to try to fix the problems. This can not be achieved without understanding WHY they are having difficulty. 


Learning Assessment

The assessments are tests of learning abilities and are a great way to get a snapshot of a person's learning abilities and to see his or her potential. They also help to determine the areas that may be causing learning difficulties such as comprehension, evaluation, problem-solving, or memory.

It is usually performed in a single session. While your child is undergoing evaluation, as the parent or guardian, you will have the opportunity to provide additional insight.

All assessments are administered by credentialed teachers who are trained on each assessment measure. Assessments are one on one with each child and are done at the Mind Discovery Learning Center. 

The assessments are then analyzed based on the students' scores. Each analysis profiles the following areas: cognition, evaluation, memory, creativity, and problem-solving.

After the analysis process, an individualized intervention plan is created for each child based on the Structure of Intellect (SOI) programs. Staff meets with parents to discuss the interventions necessary to strengthen academic achievement.

Mind Discovery is currently serving Riverside and San Diego Counties with their Learning Assessments.